Increasing sales is not only about focusing on your online store. You need to target international and local customers. However, this can be difficult as you need to look for the best places to find your target customers. The online marketplaces are crucial because they will enable you to achieve your goals. However, not all are trustworthy. They can make you run a business of slow growth. To avoid this, here are 4 essential features you need to consider when choosing a site for your products:

Integrated payment gateways

The primary goal of running an e-commerce business is to increase profit. And because all the businesses involve transactions, you need to give the integrated payment gateways a priority. Choose an online marketplace that will allow customers to use safe methods like credit/debit cards. Also, it should have the SSL certification to protect the customers’ information. The use of cards involves transferring data from a browser to a server. In this case, you need to ensure that hackers cannot access the information. Thus, security is necessary.

Because e-commerce will allow you to sell globally, you need to enable all the customers including the international buyers to make payments using a method of choice. Thus, an online marketplace with multiple currency features should be your first consideration.

A massive traffic

A great way to sell your products quickly is by having millions of customers. In this essence, you need to go for an online marketplace that has massive traffic. With this, they will view your products and make purchases. However, you need to present the products uniquely to convert more. Using high-quality images and a professional product description is essential. It will make customers view your products positively.

Customer support

A website that can provide relevant feedback to buyers should be your priority. As you know, no one will purchase products without having a clear understanding of what they entail. In this case, they need someone to tell them more.

Easy to use interface

Manually performing your business tasks can lead to errors. In this essence, an online marketplace that supports the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is crucial to simplify your workload.


In the UK and Australia, online marketplaces are the main contributors to the success of e-commerce. Thus, you need to choose one with excellent features to enhance growth. One with great marketing features as well as customers’ experience can work well for your business. It will help to bring your products closer to the customers.

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