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Sell Your Products Where Your Customers Are: Top 6 Online Marketplaces in the UK

The best way to boost your online sales is to sell your products where your customers are! The favorite destination for online shoppers are websites and online marketplaces. Here are the top 6 marketplaces in the UK, ranked by traffic!

Want to start selling online like a pro? Want to double your sales in the first 6 months? One of the fastest and cheapest ways to boost your sales and revenues is to sell your products on online marketplaces.

More and more online shoppers are turning to these marketplaces looking for cheap but quality products that can be shipped worldwide.

Selling where your customers are is one of the best ecommerce selling strategies. All you need to do is decide where to sell your products.

In this article, we will share some of the best online marketplaces in the UK: www.shopify.co.uk/online-marketplaces

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1. Amazon.co.uk

Today, neither articles, blog posts or notes about ecommerce marketplaces can do without mentioning Amazon.co.uk. It is the largest marketplace in the world, selling all types of products including books, electronics, food, toys, art pieces, and more. Amazon started as an online bookstore but has successfully grown into a multi-billion corporation with 11 global marketplaces operating all over the world. Amazon UK is one of those global marketplaces. Over 50% of Amazon UK traffic comes from within the United Kingdom. Over 15% comes from China, US, and Japan.

2. eBay.co.uk:

One of the pioneers in ecommerce shopping. This company includes retail and auction website and is available in over 30 countries. You can find a broad selection of products and services, offered by small and large businesses. One thing that differentiates eBay UK from the rest is that it offers an extensive range of payment options. Over 80% of eBay UK traffic comes from within the United Kingdom. Around 10% comes from the US, China, France, and Ireland.

3. Gumtree.com:

This is one of the UK’s most popular selling websites. They offer absolutely everything, from products, jobs, services, pets, and more. It is free for sellers to post ads in the special For Sale section. There are plenty of business opportunities and successful deals for sellers and lots of discounts for buyers. Over 80% of the traffic comes from within the United Kingdom.

4. Etsy:

One of the most popular websites focused on selling handmade, unique, and vintage products, from clothing and jewelry to art pieces, photographs, home decor, and more. The strong Etsy community, as well as, the easy-to-use navigation system are some of the reasons why UK sellers decide to use the Etsy marketplace to sell products online. Over 60% of Etsy’s traffic comes from the US, while the UK is the second biggest market.

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5. OnBuy.com:

This is the fastest growing online marketplace in the UK and is a direct competitor to Amazon. Their concept of selling is pretty simple – low selling fees and maximizing of your sales. They are truly committed to supporting your business, promoting your items, and increasing your revenues. Around 75% of their traffic is from the UK with less than 10% from the US.

6. Flubit.com:

This is a relatively new UK marketplace. It is quick to set up and start selling your products online. Their website attracts less than 60% of traffic from the United Kingdom with no other country worth mentioning.

These 6 online marketplaces can give you fantastic exposure to customers. They are super easy and simple to set up, list your products, connect your online store, integrate your shop, and start selling immediately.

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